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I've Got Your Back, with the BBDP Money Back Guarantee 

Say What?! A money back guarantee for photography sessions? That's right!


I personally, am all too familiar with the risk of disappointment that comes with photography sessions. That is why I offer a money back guarantee with every photo session.


Had a bad hair day? Out of no where thunder storm ruined your engagement session? Did your child decide that day would be best to not wear undergarments? Just not happy with the photos?

Submit your request to get your money back. The only question that I ask is for you to provide the reason why. This will allow me, as a photographer and business owner to improve my customer experience.

How it Works

Consultation Completed

Photo Session Completed

Preview Completed

Submit Request

Every photo session requires a 30 minute consultation appointment. This allows me to get to know you and your vision for your images. 

Your photo session must be completed for the scheduled time and date. This means,  you can't no show no call for your session and then expect to get your money back. There has to be photos for you to review to request your money back. 

Every customer requesting their money back must complete their photo session preview with BBDP. This session provides the client with an opportunity to review all photos taken and decide if they would like to keep the photos and provide feedback to BBDP.

If at the end of the preview session, you are not happy with your photos, simply inform Danny of the reason why you are not satisfied and she will return your deposit. You must request a refund at the time of your preview session. Once your client gallery is delivered your refund is no longer available.

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