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Biblia Nacar Colunga Comentada Pdfl salrain




LCCN: 97-03619. Pages: [1]-[48]. Pubstate:. Scanned: from original edition. Script: Standard. Signature: Manual. Creator: Colegio Sagrada Biblia de Nácar-Colunga. Year: 1944. Yeare: 1944. Notes: Images from Nácar's Bible in the original and modern Spanish. Notes Formerly Colegio Sagrada Biblia de Nácar-Colunga, designated by INAH in 2005. The original 1744 edition was probably digitized from the page images in the Biblioteca de Tlatelolco. The following verses were added by Padre Nácar: "Por el Señor todos los señores, los reyes, los príncipes, los caballeros, los jefes, los grandes y capitanes, los capitanes de armas, los soldados, y todos los hombres de la tierra, de las estrellas y del cielo, en cuerpo y alma" [Because of the Lord all the lords, the kings, princes, commanders, leaders, the great and leaders, the captains of arms, the soldiers, and all men of the earth in body and soul]. "Por el Señor, rey, y tres reyes, y Cristo de los tres reyes" [Because of the Lord, king, and three kings and Christ of the three kings]. "Por el Señor, el rey, Cristo de los reyes, y por el Señor de Cristo" [Because of the Lord the king, Christ of the kings, and because of the Lord Christ]. The chapter "Por el Señor" in the Jerusalem Bible has a footnote explaining that the king and the three kings refers to King David, King Solomon, and King Solomon. The footnote in the Jerusalem Bible is: "The king in this passage is intended to be the Messiah (Isa. 9.6) "This is the one who will be master of the nations; the one who will rule over the people of the whole earth. The text is Messianic, as the Targum on the verse says; but it is also applied to the Messiah, who, being also the true king, rules over the nations, and subdues the Gentiles." "Salú




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Biblia Nacar Colunga Comentada Pdfl salrain

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